Ken Christensen Workshop 2018

One student's experience

Here is a comment by participant Laurel Sherrie, an outstanding painter in her own right:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ken's 4-day workshop.  I loved the schedule, starting after lunch.  On location, he started with a painting demo and then we'd all go paint.  Then we'd take a break for him to continue on the demo, and go back to our own paintings.  This was a great combination of watching & doing, watching & doing.  Ken's laid-back method of instructing and anecdotes was wonderful.
Experiencing Ken's style has opened doors for me to paint larger and bolder.  I'm working on getting faster too.  I don't know if he is aware of this, but he removed some of the "must do's and can't do's" that I've learned along the way, which is another freeing aspect for me with my painting.  I look forward to doing more with him.    L.S."


working on-site

Spring Workshop! May1-4!

 As usual, Ken will lead the group to four different painting locations around Morro Bay, CA to experience the pleasure of painting on-site. The sessions will run from 1:30 in the afternoon until 5:30. Ken will do a demonstration each day and then each artist will be free to choose the view or subject matter of their choice. Ken will circulate among the students offering encouragement and technical advice. The first day of class will meet at Ken's home/studio for a complimentary lunch and introduction. As per his style, Ken will emphasize a rapid, bold approach, liberally applying the paint and seeking to capture strong light with strong colors. All levels of ability are welcome but at least some experience is recommended. Students must supply their own easels and materials.Cost for the four days is $390.

I hope you can join us!